Pico-Projector Stand

I purchased a pico-projector (now discontinued) with the intended use of watching movies on my ceiling. Unfortunately, the included stand would not support the projector with enough room to plug in the various cables when laying on its back. I modeled and 3D printed a stand for the projector that went through several iterations.

I produced the models in Autodesk Fusion360. This was my first project using this software, which I have used extensively since.

Completed Prints


I’m calling this little project complete as of 12/14/17. It was an interesting opportunity to learn Autodesk Fusion 360, which I plan to continue using to do my 3D modeling in the future. I went through several revisions, including the addition of a bolt-on anchor point to essentially house the projector and keep it from falling out, as well as some cable strain relief.

F3D and STL files can be found below: